Backwards Running Dinner

Hands On Sensuality, 2018-19

“This event is a feast for the senses; it is a performance that requires indulgence, a combination of the social, artistic and technical elements of food and its consumption.”- Review by Tom Glover for Arts Brum on ‘Hands On Sensuality’… read it here

Flat 8, October 2018

“Being handed the keys to Flat 8, creator of other-realmly food-based art experiences, Kaye Winwood. Her first supper is a super-sensual five-course tasting sort of deal, happening on November 21.” iChoose,

Breakfast of Champions, words by iChoose, August 2017

August 2017

Protest Feast: The F Word, November 2017:

“Moving, funny, fun and thought provoking. And, of course, delicious food. Thanks!” Diner

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. Everything felt perfect – the setting, the decor, the details like the wrist ties, the entertainment, the cocktails, and most importantly the food. I had a wonderful afternoon out with some of my fave gals and a bit of escapism for a couple of hours. You have such wonderful vision and ambition.” Diner

Backward Running Dinner, October 2017:

“I wanted to drop you a note about how much I enjoyed Backward Running Dinner. My boyfriend bought me the ticket for my birthday and it was quite the treat!… Really well done, it was a beautiful thing.” Diner

“It was triumphant” Jim Crace, author of The Devil’s Larder

Birmingham Wire July 2017:

If you consider yourself at all locally in-the-know or culturally on-point and haven’t cast your artistic eye over Kaye Winwood’s edible endeavours yet – bad news, you have some serious catching up to do. Kaye’s events explore the often downright lustful sensuality of food through dining experiences that literally make dining-out a work of art, combining sensual and sense-oral delights in every form. Rico Johnson-Sinclair, The Wire

If you’ve been to any slightly out there events in Birmingham that fuse food and art together, chances are that Kaye has been behind them.  From her work with Companis through to last year’s Diabolical Roses and the upcoming Expanded Intimacy, Kaye has been producing immersive dining experiences, which are a highlight in Birmingham’s calendar. Full to the Brum, March 2017

I have had the great pleasure of being both a punter for Kaye’s productions and collaborating with Kaye on my own work.  As a guest at her events, I have felt welcomed, challenged, delighted,  engaged, and provoked – in equal measures on all fronts by the food, the design and the performance.  As a collaborator, it is a deeply wonderful thing to work with Kaye: her incredible depth of knowledge, her potent creativity, and her openness to new ideas has helped me to integrate much more imaginative edible elements in a more sophisticated way into my own productions. Director of Spectra, Kate DeRight, 2017

I commissioned Kaye to curate a special dining experience for my birthday this year, which falls very near Halloween. I wanted something that shocked my guests and took them out of their comfort zone, while giving them a truly memorable dining experience with delicious food and an eerie immersive experience.

Throughout the process, Kaye was incredibly enjoyable to work with, allowing me to have as much or as little input as I wanted…The level of quality and artistic integrity of the project was exceedingly high and I am more than impressed with the level of professionalism by her and the performers…

I will be recommending you to anyone who is looking to add some flare to their next dinner party and I am already imagining what I can do for my next one! Thank you so much from the bottom of our black hearts and it is now safe to say… Yes, we are afraid of the dark! Are you afraid of the dark?’ Client, Zaq Andel, October 2016:

After Dark, July 2016:

“The multi sensory experience immersed you into a delectable world of tantalising treats and erotic suggestions. The connection with emotion, food and how you ate it brought you into a world that made you feel completely alone with the performers. It was an incredibly unique experience with a superbly designed menu that took you on a journey of flavour, senses and sexuality. Beyond words, this was an experience I will forever remember!” Diner

“We wanted an unusual night that had never been done before. It certainly delivered.” Diner

“Was honestly the best evening. Truly one of a kind and would happily do it all over and over again” Diner

This was a great event and provided intellectual and physical stimulation. It was provoking without being intimidating and makes you think about food and the process of eating in a whole new light” Diner

“…permission to delve in with hands and fingers. It was very sensual” Diner

“really intimate, delicious tastes…sense of excitement” Diner

“it was an incredibly unique experience with a superbly designed menu that took you on a journey of flavour, senses and sexuality. Beyond word, this was an experience that I will remember forever” Diner

“food was ingenious” Diner

“delightful sensuous experience, pitched perfectly” Diner

“Seamless delivery, great food, a totally different experience” Diner

“A great fun dining experience” Diner

“Tasty…raucous…fun” Diner

“Erotic…artistic…gastronomic…” Diner

“I had a great time and felt really well looked after.  The food was delicious and the attention paid to all aspects of the event was creative and comprehensive.  That Bloody Mary was gorgeous!” Diner

“The idea of the event was alluring, we had no idea about the food which also turned out to be fantastic!” Diner

Diabolical Roses, Diners, February 2016:

“It was more than we could have hoped for in both quality of food and performances and the marrying of the two- just perfect!”

“This was a high quality and professionally executed event that stands head and shoulders with other events of its kind. The communication was excellent and the running of the event was seamless – not easy with multiple things to manage. The food was of a very high quality and the performers were just the right balance. I really couldn’t fault it-you just need to keep doing it!”

“It was so refreshing to see a such an innovative production of this quality in Birmingham. Thank you for having us. More please!!!”

“I loved every minute – the sense of anticipation on receiving the instructions, the venue dressing, the excellent performances and scripting, the extraordinarily good food..”

We commissioned Kaye Winwood Projects to respond to this year’s Artloop Festival’s theme Night Shift: Hedonism and Fun. We knew she would come up with an original, playful and engaging project. The outcome totally met our expectations. Kaye realised a multi sensory TRIP in an old school limo. The event proved to be a great success. TRIP put people in a situation with about six strangers at a time, where they had to respond to a set of multi-sensory challenges. This overwhelming experience reflected on contemporary rituals, the etiquette of night clubs as well as people’s individual barriers.  It was very well attended and we received lots of positive comments. Artloop Festival, Roma Piotrowska (guest curator) September 2015