Thursday 3 September 2015, 8pm-midnight – ARTLOOP Festival, Sopot (Poland)

TRIP / JAZDA was commissioned by ARTLOOP Festival as part of a programme of visual arts exploring the theme of hedonism, curated by Roma Piotrowska and Emilia Orzechowska.

Kaye Winwood Projects presented a hedonistic ‘trip’ set aboard a stretched limousine where the audience delighted in a range of edible drugs, specially tested and developed, to parody recreational drug use through a series of sensory, food-based encounters which were both playful and engaging.

Andy Gordon produced a specially commissioned soundtrack sampling dance anthems with Alice in Wonderland and the Rissett Rhythm to create a truly unique accompaniment to each journey. Together with UV,  strobe lighting and psychoactive visuals the limousine became an immersive multi-sensory stimulus for its passengers.

The event was hosted by performance artist Grzegorz Pleszyński who encouraged and provoked the participants throughout the event to make this one unforgettable trip!