The Holy Palate

February 2023

Leaning into the histories of Italian food and art, Kaye and Matt O’Callaghan joined forces to bring you an extraordinary Supper Club taking inspiration from the 1930s Futurist Cookbook – La Cucina Futurista – whose eccentric ideas have informed much of contemporary gastronomy as we know it.

Pioneers of multi sensory eating, the Futurists’ dinners were more than food but combined taste, aroma, texture, sound, poetry and performance to create a ‘beyond the plate’ food experience. Couldn’t the same be said of ‘The Sound of the Sea’ by Heston Blumenthal almost 80 years later

This group of artists proposed the merits of (sometimes inedible) ingredients which they believed could increase virility and strength in diners, for instance replacing carbohydrate packed pasta with alcohol, metal and perfumes. We won’t be going to such extremes but will embrace their ingenuity.


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night. It’s a testament to the total sensory absorption that I have no photos 😢’just’ memories stored in my mind.


You can book The Holy Palate as an exclusive event for 8-10 people, email  for further information.