Above images: Lizzi Greensill, for Birmingham Design Festival

Tasting Shape

June 2019

Tasting Shape is an ongoing collaboration with designer Adam Carthy; an exploration of flavour and sensuality and a continuation into my research into the term ‘Expanded Dining‘ and is supported through the John Feeney Fellowship scheme.     


Above images: Martin O’Callaghan, for Birmingham Design Festival


Tasting Shape was first presented at Birmingham Design Festival. This interactive event invited audiences to use their tongues, lips and mouths to lick, suck and caress – exploring the pleasures of taste and texture combined. Using a series of six textured ‘plates’ we began to explore the symbiotic relation of food and object, and how this effects our sensory perception.
We received lots of constructive feedback from the participants which will contribute to this research going forward. Next steps will not only consider surface and taste, but open up wider concerns around ergonomics, gesture and embodiment.


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Left to right: CIRCLES – Mango. Lime. Basil. Mint. Yoghurt. Lemon / STRIPE – Potato. Salt. Vinegar / INDENT – Truffle. Egg. Pepper. Smoked salt.

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Left to right: HATCH – Strawberry. Black Pepper. Cress. Lemon / HOLES – Lapsang Suchong. Honey. Cheese. Pollen / SPIKES – Chocolate. Olive oil. Coffee