Rocket Fuel

19-20 July 2019, Midlands Arts Centre

I was really excited to be collaborating with immersive theatre company Little Earthquake in commemorating the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon-landing. Rocket Fuel presented this groundbreaking mission as one single spectacular event combining performance,  sound, projection, live cameras and food. A veritable feast for all the senses.

Audiences were treated to an in-flight meal inspired by Neil Armstrong’s actual meal plan including a pre-blast-off breakfast briefing accompanied by a deliciously designed cocktail. Followed by some stellar courses throughout the journey into space including a delicious dessert to coincide with Neil and Buzz’s Moonwalk, and a signature drink to capture the moment of splashdown. The menu has been developed with my all-time favourite chef and partner in crime Chris Hughes and his team – so it was truly out of this world!

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Rocket Fuel was a collaboration between Little Earthquake and Kaye Winwood. It was part of MoonFest – a nine-day programme of moon inspired events, performances, screenings and activities created with artists, academics and audience members. More information here