Artist Cocktail Boxes 

Provocative, interactive and mouth-watering these are unlike any other postal cocktail experiences available …

Artist Cocktail Boxes are limited edition kits born out of a dark time when the pandemic has dampened our spirits, these carefully curated boxes provide a delicious distraction from lockdown, isolation and the horrors of Covid. 

Artist Cocktail Boxes offer much more than just a cocktail. With a nod towards the absurdist humour and playfulness of Fluxkits, each box contains a rich assortment of whimsical and thought provoking contents to tickle your fancy and engage your senses. Each experience is accompanied by a specially curated playlist.

What people have said:

“They are SO nice – beautiful, edgy, interesting, fun, delicious…. This is the beginning of a wonderful thing!”

“I loved the whole experience: receiving it, the open box looked so exciting and the instructions were hilarious. Thank you, you amazing person.”

“Absolutely LOVED IT!!! It was amazing, so cleverly thought out, really made us laugh. The playlist was great too. Thank YOU! We had the best time 😂❤️❤️”

“Ah, your cocktails were AMAZING – thank you so much, and we loved the playlist too.”


Interested ….read on….


Pucker Up – Artist Cocktail Box #3 ON SALE NOW

February 2021

A delicious Valentine special edition for all you lovers (and haters).

Aphrodisiacally inspired, I have concocted a veritable love potion to whet your appetite and get your pulses racing.

Contact me to get your box!



Clitmas Spirit – Artist Cocktail Box #2 SOLD OUT

December 2020

A cocktail box sure to hit the spot!

Clitmas Spirit was the cocktail box of wet dreams – this limited edition DIY cocktail box contained everything to tickle your fancy including a specially designed cocktail and festive treats for two. Came with a playlist and handout to help you find your way!

Cliterally the best drinks party you’ve ever be invited to!


F**k Trump – Artist Cocktail Box #1  SOLD OUT

November 2020

Finally Trump was knocked off his presidential perch. To celebrate this much awaited victory I made a very limited edition DIY cocktail box, containing everything you need to make your own F**k Trump cocktail.

Each box included a pre-mixed drink for 2, edible hair, comb and some cheesy Cheetos for that true orange glow.