Harvesting Stories

2014, Library of Birmingham and other locations around Birmingham.

Harvesting Stories was developed to celebrate the diverse culinary heritage of 21st Century Birmingham. Birmingham residents were invited to join us for an unforgettable food-related workshop led by the National Storytelling Laureate Katrice Horsley. During these workshops we talked and shared food, and gathered recipes, stories and ‘ingredients for happiness’!

This was followed by three public events of food related activities in and around Library of Birmingham.

Project Managed by Kaye Winwood. Commissioned by Capsule for Library of Birmingham’s Discovery Season.

HarvestingStories_SpringHill_Jul13-20 HarvestingStories_Newtown_Jul13-42 HarvestingStories_MorrisDancers_17 HarvestingStories_MorrisDancers_09 HarvestingStories_Katrice_11 HarvestingStories_HallGreen_Jul13-25 HarvestingStories_Dumplings_17 HarvestingStories_ChineseSociety_Jul13-69 HarvestingStories_ApplePress_19 HarvestingStories_ApplePress_08 BreadLetters_24RedPicnic_38RedPicnic_05