‘Hands On Sensuality’ Leeds Indie Food Festival

16 May 2019

Following the success of ‘Hands On Sensuality’ Valentine’s Event at Flat 8 (Birmingham), we were invited to present a larger scale event as part of Leeds Indie Food Festival


We developed a larger menu trialling some more ambitious – and challenging courses; and the Festival team made this superb short video to commemorate the event as well as some fabulous documentation…


LIF19-160519-web-Jo_Ritchie-045JOR_3605 [Web]  LIF19-160519-web-Jo_Ritchie-035JOR_3557 [Web] LIF19-160519-web-Jo_Ritchie-058JR2_8031 [Web]  LIF19-160519-web-Jo_Ritchie-020JOR_3326 [Web] LIF19-160519-web-Jo_Ritchie-015JOR_3300 [Web]LIF19-160519-web-Jo_Ritchie-017JR2_7802 [Web]

  LIF19-160519-web-Jo_Ritchie-036JOR_3549 [Web] LIF19-160519-web-Jo_Ritchie-016JOR_3304 [Web] LIF19-160519-web-Jo_Ritchie-021JOR_3338 [Web]

This event was curated and produced by Kaye Winwood with Food/Theatre Producer Christie Hill, and hosted by Ellie Andrews at Cafe 164.


Hands On Sensuality