Guerilla Gastronomy

October 2011, The Event, at Eastside Café as part of The Event, and a fringe activity of Birmingham’s Food Fest.

A series of lunch boxes, akin to Flux-kits, complete with step-by-step instructions ranging from the very logical to the utterly ridiculous, including a box entitled, ‘How to make a mess’, encompassing whipping cream, meringue, fresh berries, a whisk, a pair of goggles and a toffee hammer.

How to Make a Mess

  • Remove items from box
  • Apply whisk to cream and whip furiously
  • Sigh (of exhilaration, exhaustion or excitement)
  • Apply hammer to meringue and smash
  • Take strawberries in hand and squeeze
  • Using hands, combine ingredients in box
  • Devour with hands
  • Moan with delight

Companis was co-founded in 2009 by Kaye Winwood and Sian Tonkin. It was a provocative company whose intention was to bring people together through food and art events, creating bespoke dining experiences to immerse the diner in a fusion of performance, food and spectacle.