Expanded Intimacy is a series of glassware created to explore touch, taste and smell, and the relationship between hand, mouth, tongue and nose. Developed in collaboration with artist Nuala ClooneyExpanded Intimacy explores the interplay between object and body particularly in relation to the sensualisation of food and drink experiences.

These unique glasses can be used in dining experiences and performance which transgress conventional modes of eating; using food, performance, texture, weight to explore eating as a sensual act.

The glasses have already been used in some incredible events internationally:

Steinbeisser_Dinner_44 Steinbeisser_Dinner_46 Steinbeisser_Dinner_47

Fingers, presented at Steinbeisser’s Experimental Gastronomy Dinner, Amsterdam (July 2019).  Tamarillo ai-yu conceived by chef Andre Chiang served in five finger glasses by Kaye Winwood & Nuala Clooney for @steinbeisserorg. photography by Kathrin Koschitzki


IMG-20181019-WA0007 IMG-20181020-WA0062 IMG-20181019-WA0067

Fingers was part of la premiere ‘Diner de la Creation by 2 Michelin star chef Alexandre Gauthier at Palais de Tokyo, Paris on the occasion of the opening of an exhibition by Tomas Saraceno. Video here.



 38729511_903893603144944_5721791818694131712_n     38655853_680145165678460_3559789347282616320_n

Fingers, presented at Steinbeisser’s Experimental Gastronomy Dinner, Amsterdam (June 2018) with chef Alexandre Gauthier


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Expanded Intimacy, March 2017 at Smultronstalle, Birmingham in collaboration with bartender Rob Wood and presented as part of the Arts & Science Festival by University of Birmingham