Diabolical Roses

Saturday 13 February 2016, 6pm and 8.30pm

‘If Heston Blumenthal fucked Pina Bausch in a restaurant car park on Valentine’s Day, their love child may just taste something like Diabolical Roses!’

Diabolical Roses was an alternative Valentines experience for the more daring diner. This immersive dining production was conceived to explore themes of romance, sex and unity through a marriage of food and performance. Diabolical Roses proposed new ways to consider ‘love’ through a rich multisensory experience.

Diabolical Roses contributed to the imaginative possibilities within gastronomy, performance and visual arts, using the dining table as a stage and suggesting unexpected ways in which food might be consumed.

This production was conceived and developed by Kaye Winwood and Sarah Hamilton Baker in collaboration with chef Chris Hughes; Performers Sarah Hamilton Baker, Indra J. Adler, Connor Nolan and Katie O’Malley;  Soundscape by Michael Lightborne; Lighting by David Checkley.

Read a review of Diabolical Roses by Elisa Oliver for FEAST journal here.

Photography Greg Milner 


Shot through the heart

Chicken / Artichoke (v)


Beetroot / Celeriac / Goats cheese tortellini


Venison / Beef tongue and cheek / Carnal sin seasoning

Portobello mushroom / Smoked aubergine / Porcini (v)


Cherry / Szechuan pepper / Lime

Diabolical Roses

Raspberries / Roses / Salted yoghurt

Petit Mortes

Balloons / Roses

Post coitus

Tobacco / Blue cheese / Onion ash / Walnuts


Diabolical Roses was conceived by Sarah Hamilton Baker and Kaye Winwood in collaboration with chef Chris Hughes. Thanks to the following for making this event possible:

Performers: Indra J Adler / Connor Nolan / Katie O’Malley
Chorus: Sarah Hamilton Baker  /  Jess Barber / Emma Boyle  /  Cat Butler / Marcus Paragpuri / Maddie Ward

Kitchen:  Paige Edwards / Zac Kilmurray / Chris Hughes / Tim Paine / Chloe Paynter

Lights/Electrics: David Checkley

Sound: Michael Lightborne

Stage Manager: Claire Browne

Documentation: Photography by Greg Milner / Filming by Scott Johnston

Design: Keith Dodds

Bar: Jamie Hicks / Kanika Williams

Diabolical Roses was supported by Vivid Projects’ Black Hole Club, mac birmingham and the University of Birmingham; and has received funding from Arts Council England. Special thanks to Paul Geary, Yasmeen Baig Clifford, Craig Ashley and Eddie Breen.