Diabolical Roses – A Foreign Affair

Friday 1 July, 2016 

An adaptation of Diabolical Roses for ‘The Eye Never Sleeps Festival’ in Lubostron, Poland; commissioned by Fundacja Rozruch 

Photography by Greg Milner.

Diabolical Roses – A Foreign Affair was an immersive event providing an alternative dining experience for adventurous diners. Adapted from Diabolical Roses, a project conceived by myself and Sarah Hamilton Baker, and originally presented in Birmingham UK.

Over three performances Diabolical Roses- A Foreign Affair contributed to the imaginative possibilities within gastronomy, performance and visual arts that the first event began to explore. Performers used the dining table as a stage and awakened diners to unexpected ways of consuming food, broadening the participants notion of ‘dining’.


This production was conceived and developed by Kaye Winwood and Sarah Hamilton Baker.