Breakfast of Champions

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July 2017

“Brum’s best 21st century greasy spoon”         “Goldies was a perfect immersive experience”


Breakfast of Champions paid homage to the English tradition of the greasy spoon ‘caff’ in a tasting menu of legendary breakfasts. Set within Goldie’s pop-up café, diners were charmed by the disappearing tradition of the family-run café and transported to a bygone time of gingham tablecloths and wipe clean menus. Served by a charming team of waiters, diners were indulged in a fusion of performance, food and drink.

The seemingly simple food offer of a cafe was transformed by Chef Chris Hughes into a delectably re-imagined tasting menu:

Tea and Toast

Brioche toast, maple butter and bacon jam, hot buttered toast ice-cream, dehydrated buttered crumb (v) served with a tea and marmalade infused gin cocktail

Bloody Mary

Tomato and lemon macaroon, chilli scone, celery and tomato muffin in edible wrapper, pickled celery, Worcester sauce pipette (v)

Pairing: Bacon Bloody Mary (veg option available on request)

Egg and soldiers

Smoked Haddock mousse, spiced confit egg yolk emulsion in an egg cup, lemon and curry oil, polenta soldiers with ‘Rice Krispies’


Curried Chickpea puree, spiced confit egg yolk emulsion (without for vegans), lemon and curry oil, polenta soldiers (v) with ‘Rice Krispies’ (v/vg)

Pairing: Birmingham Lager, Indian Brewery company

Full English

Cured and smoked duck breast, duck egg, duck sausage, white beans puree and truffle oil, crispy potatoes, strawberry ketchup


Crispy smoked tofu, spiced aubergine sausage, white bean puree and truffle oil, crispy potatoes, strawberry ketchup (v/vg)

Pairing: Rioja Reserva 2011Vina Alarde

Pop tart

Banana puree, hazelnut butter, black cherry, dehydrated banana, icing, hundreds and thousands; banana, lime and pork scratching sorbet

Pairing: Château La Rame Sauternes 2015, Ste-Croix-du-Mont

Cigarette and Black coffee

Coconut parfait cigarette, coconut tobacco, black coffee mousse, chocolate and liquorice syrup

Pairing: Common Grounds Coffee Porter, Magic Rock brewery