“Food is central but not definitive to Winwood’s practice. Working with the tools and paraphernalia of cooking and dining the work uses food as a pivot that enables a range of discourses to come into focus.”
Expanded Dining, by Dr Elisa Oliver


I have over 20 years experience as an Arts Professional specialising in visual art, food, moving image and performance.

I have an innovative creative practice, inviting audiences to engage with unique sensory environments and objects.

My work fuses sensory design with visual arts and gastronomy to create new and meaningful eating experiences to enthrall diners.  In 2016 I applied the term ‘Expanded Dining’ to reflect a ‘beyond the plate’ approach which reconsiders the dining experience as a sensorial playground using food as an art material.

I am  a studio holder at Grand Union in Birmingham, an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Birmingham and a member of STEAMhouse. In 2018 I was awarded a Feeney Fellowship and since 2016 I have  peer reviewed the online journal FEAST.

I am a Board Member and Sensory Designer for Spectra Arts who create the most fierce and joyful performances, drawing on authentic collaboration, adventure, connection and loving challenge to cultivate a world that celebrates brains that work in different ways.

As well as many self-initiated projects, I have produced work for Barbican, New Art Gallery Walsall, Flatpack Film Festival and Supersonic Festival. In 2019, I collaborated with Little Earthquake to deliver ‘Rocket Fuel’, the showcase event for Moonfest supported by ACE, MAC, Uni of Birmingham. I was the Producer for Ikon’s Slow Boat programme  2018-2020.

I have lectured at universities and colleges, predominantly in relation to experience and sensory design and led a module at BCU called ‘School Dinners’ in 2017.

Since lockdown I have worked at home developing new knowledge in Biomaterials, Fusion 360 and Jesmonite casting (with STEAMhouse). I am currently undertaking the ‘Food Dive’ course with Eating Designer, Marije Vogelzang and Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science (chemistry) with Harvard edX.

Please do get in touch at kayewinwood@gmail.com