“Food is central but not definitive to Winwood’s practice. Working with the tools and paraphernalia of cooking and dining the work uses food as a pivot that enables a range of discourses to come into focus.”
Expanded Dining, by Dr Elisa Oliver


I have over 20 years experience as an Arts Professional specialising in visual art, food, moving image and performance.

I have an innovative creative practice, inviting audiences to engage with unique sensory environments and objects and in Autumn 2021 I launched GULP – the first UK space dedicated to exploring food art histories, and showcasing innovation within food and sensory design through a programme of sensory dining experiences and activities.

My work fuses sensory design with visual arts and gastronomy to create new and meaningful eating experiences to enthral diners.  In 2016 I applied the term ‘Expanded Dining’ to reflect a ‘beyond the plate’ approach which reconsiders the dining experience as a sensorial playground using food as an art material.

I am  an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Birmingham and a member of STEAMhouse. In 2018 I was awarded a Feeney Fellowship and since 2016 I have  peer reviewed the online journal FEAST.

I am a Board Member and Sensory Designer for Spectra Arts who create the most fierce and joyful performances, drawing on authentic collaboration, adventure, connection and loving challenge to cultivate a world that celebrates brains that work in different ways.

As well as many self-initiated projects, I have produced work for Barbican, New Art Gallery Walsall, Flatpack Film Festival and Supersonic Festival. In 2019, I collaborated with Little Earthquake to deliver ‘Rocket Fuel’, the showcase event for Moonfest supported by ACE, MAC, Uni of Birmingham. I was the Producer for Ikon’s Slow Boat programme  2018-2020.

I have lectured at universities and colleges, predominantly in relation to experience and sensory design and led a module at BCU called ‘School Dinners’ in 2017.

Please do get in touch at kayewinwood@gmail.com