Presented at ‘The Edible Body Farm’ at Bart’s Pathology Museum, 29 October 2016

Produced by Nuala Clooney & Kaye Winwood; Performer: Rico Johnson-Sinclair

The ‘Mellified Man’ is a medicinal legend whereupon an aged man would self-sacrifice his life, originating from 16th Century Chinese Pharmacology. The man would diet on, and bathe in, honey until such a time that he became ‘mellifluous’ and would begin to secrete honey – literally urinate, sweat and excrete honey. On passing, his corpse would be placed in a stone coffin and mummified in honey for 100 years or more. The resultant liquid – the ‘confection’ – would then be applied and ingested to cure a wide range of ailments.

For The Edible Body Farm, myself and artist Nuala Clooney prepared ‘confections’ which invited the audience to experience the sweetness of the Mellified Man.

metal-mouth-on-velvet-cushion     honey-lollioes-on-tray     glass-mouth-on-honey-cushion

Images, left to right:

‘Untitled’ (Nuala Clooney) mouth piece, cast in metal used to serve the Mellified Kiss; Mellified Tongues;  Glass cast of the inside of  Nuala Clooney’s mouth presented on a cushion of flesh and honey

Mellified Kiss – We performed a ritualistic edible experience (the Mellified Kiss) in three parts – flesh, blood and spirit – performed by Rico Johnson-Sinclair, and served using tableware cast from Nuala’s mouth. Soft, hard, runny, sweet, salty, citrus, honey, pork, bacon, vodka.

Mellified Tongues – hard candy honey and prosciutto tongue lollipops, produced from a cast of Nuala’s tongue. Sweet and salty, honey and flesh.

Tonguing – For those without an appetite for flesh, we created chocolate tongues

choc-tongue1      choc-tongues      choc-tongue

‘Tonguing’ – chocolate tongues cast from a mould of Nuala’s own tongue