Hands On Sensuality

21st November and 7 December 2018

“This event is a feast for the senses, it is a performance that requires indulgence, a combination of the social, artistic and technical elements of food and its consumption. Kaye’s ability to bring people together through these carefully crafted morsels speaks to the power of her artform.”

Review by Tom Glover for Arts Brum 

As part of my residency for Flat 8, I hosted a series of events which continued my research into the notion of ‘Expanded Dining‘.

Hands On Sensuality was developed to explore the sensual potential of dining from our own hands, exploring the sensory impact of eating beyond the plate. As part of the dinner, the hand was transformed into a re-imagined vessel for consumption, with each course being served on a different area of the hand or wrist. Each of the nine courses was carefully designed to invoke different sensations, drawing a link between sensuality and the experience of eating.