Expanded Intimacy

Arts & Science Festival, Birmingham

15 March 2017



Expanded Intimacy is a unique experience of culinary cocktail experimentation served in a range of bespoke glassware created by artist Nuala Clooney and Kaye Winwood, Creative Producer and Honorary Research Fellow at University of Birmingham.

During this unforgettable evening, the audience experienced three specially prepared cocktails by mixologist Robert Wood (Smultronstalle / In Rob We Trust Ltd). These culinary concoctions were developed to explore the sensual nature of the glassware which has been specifically designed to explore touch, taste and smell and the relationship between hand, mouth, tongue and nose.

Expanded Intimacy provided an opportunity to gain insight from the artists and to find out more about their working practice and the research that has shaped this event.

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Event images by Greg Milner; Studio shots by Rod Gonzalez

Residency – February and March 2017; University of Birmingham


Research image by Kaye Winwood

Expanded Intimacy is a body of new research between Kaye Winwood and artist Nuala Clooney to explore the interplay between object and body particularly in relation to the sensualisation of food and drink experiences.

Working with Steve Williams, the University of Birmingham’s award winning glassblower in the Department of Chemistry we created some unique pieces of prototype glassware to be used in dining experiences and performance which transgress conventional modes of eating; using food, performance, texture, weight to explore eating as a sensual act.