“Food is central but not definitive to Winwood’s practice. Working with the tools and paraphernalia of cooking and dining the work uses food as a pivot that enables a range of discourses to come into focus.”
Expanded Dining, by Dr Elisa Oliver


I have 20 years experience as an Arts Professional specialising in visual art, food, moving image and performance. I am a studio holder at Grand Union Studios, in Birmingham’s Digbeth area, and an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Birmingham; since 2016 I have peer reviewed the online journal FEAST.

In 2016 I applied the term ‘Expanded Dining’ to reflect my ‘beyond the plate’ approach to dining experiences and invited Dr Elisa Oliver to explore this terminology with me, which resulted in a new piece of writing Expanded Dining-PDF (Elisa Oliver, 2015) and a subsequent text Expanded Dining: Beyond the Plate published in ‘Spaces for Eating’,  FEAST in 2018. This research is ongoing.

In 2018 I am focussing on a body of research considering food and sensuality – in particular women and pleasure. I will be undertaking a few small-scale activities in the studio and with Grand Union Gallery exploring sensuality through taste, texture, aesthetics, performance, surface and tableware. This research is supported through a NAWM Curatorial Bursary, and mentored by Kim McAleese (Grand Union’s Artistic Director) and will lead to a public presentation 2019-20.

I am always interested to hear from people working/interested in and around food experiences and design. Please do get in touch at kayewinwood@gmail.com


As well as my studio practice, I am currently working as PT Producer for Ikon Gallery’s Looping the Loop programme in Birmingham; arts activity developed for and around Ikon’s Slow Boat (a converted narrow boat) in collaboration with Ikon’s Youth Programme.